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          ZERTONA Total Exterior Protection is specially formulated for our Tropical and Harsh environment. Harmful UV is our car paint No.1 enemy. In Year 2013,  we tested this product from UK for 2 years (Yes, we actually tested it for 2 years!), we are satisfy that it will meet our OEM customer's stringent testing and requirements. And it is time that we share this wonderful protection coating to you. - No more wasted time for re-waxing and re-polishing!


The Zertona Paint Guardian works like wonder! Our Chemist Mark has done a fabulous job in formulating a special protection coating that last and will not harm the car paintwork in the long run. After application, a 0.5-micron of full ceramic coating formed and protects your precious paintwork. You will not need to re-wax or re-polish your car for a long period of time. Just an easy wash and the shine keep coming back all the time.


The Zertona Glass Guardian prevents diesel soot and other residues from sticking to the glass surface, which cause damages to the windscreen wiper blades. After application, with the hydrophobic properties, the large raindrops even run off the windscreen thus giving a clear view while driving in a heavy downpour.


The Zertona Alloy Guardian is a Diamond hard ceramic coating that is meant to withstand the hot brake dust and stubborn road tars. It really helps to prevent “bronzing” to your rims caused by these harmful residues. Just an easy wash and good scrub at the hard corners, your rims will look just as new.

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